Burberry - Open Spaces

Director: The Megaforce Production Company: Riff Raff Films Producer: Cathy Hood Location: United Kingdom

Winner for Best Cinematography at AICP Awards 2022
GOLD for Best Cinematography at Creative Circle Awards 2022
Shortlist for Best Cinematography at Cannes Lions 2022
Shortlist for Best Cinematography at D&AD Awards 2022

I Am Not Okay With This - Netflix
Director: Jonathan Entwistle Production Company: 21 Laps Producer: Buddy Enwright Production Designer: Maya Sigel Location: Pittsburgh

Playstation: Tear

Director: Frederic Planchon Production Company: Academy Production Designer: Mikey Hollywood Producer: Dulcie Kellett Location: Ukraine

GOLD for Best Cinematography British Arrows 2020

Mercedes-Benz - The Journey That Changed Everything

Director: Sebastian Strasser Production Company: Anorak Film Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser  Production Designer: Robin Brown Location: Romaina

Nominated for Best Cinematography at AICP Awards 2020
Bronze Pencil for Best Cinematography at The One Show Awards 2020
Gold for Best Cinematography at ADC Awards 2020

Bronze Lion for Best Cinematography at Cannes Lions 2019
Gold for Best Cinematography at LIA's 2019
Nominated for Best Cinematography at Ciclope Awards 2019

Lloyds Bank - Epic Journey 

Director: Marcus Söderlund Production Company: Academy Producer: Juliette Harris  Location: New Zealand

The End of the F***ing World – Netflix + Channel 4

Director: Jonathan Entwistle Production Company: Clerkenwell Films Producer: Kate Ogborn Production Designer: Grenville Horner Location: United Kingdom
Episodes 1-4

Won Best Cinematography at The Royal Television Society Craft Awards 2018
Nominated Outstanding Cinematography for Half Hour Episode Emmy's 2018 
Nominated Best TV Series at Bafta Television Awards 2018
Won Best TV Series at The Royal Television Society Awards 2018